About Savon Marie Soap

I am a retired school librarian. I live in Bronx, NY and have been handcrafting soap since 1999.The name of my business, Savon Marie, translates to Maire's Soap :O) . I love France and almost everything French. (Please don't pass the escargot.) Over the years, I've added other soaps, including Asian inspired and bakery inspired products.

I've always liked the fresh, clean look of a bar of pure white soap, but I never get tired of trying new molds and new fragrances Some of my soaps are hand painted with natural colorants. I design gift boxes for the soap as well. It protects them in shipping, and creates an instant gift. No wrapping necessary. Lots of my customers tell me they love the packaging as much as the soap. I hope you enjoy your purchase. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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